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Bio = life
Mimicry = emulation

What is biomimicry?

Innovations inspired by nature. Biomimicry is a discipline with the primary focus of asking nature for solutions to our challenges. Biomimicry ethos are grounded in mutual respect between human and wild life, and a commitment to creating conditions conducive to all life on our planet for the long haul. 


Increase youth and professionals participation in biomimicry to vitalize MENA's circular and regenerative economy.


Inspire designers, students, engineers, scientists, and future leaders of our community


Spread the knowledge and make biomimicry more accessible to wider audiences


Connect industry leaders with robust base of biomimicry associates to innovate more sustainably


Facilitate the transformation to a bio-inspired innovation culture and nature-centered paradigm 



Speaking Engagement

We provide inspirational biomimicry lectures and sessions for aspiring professionals and students with the goal to train them to ask nature the right questions with respect to their fields.

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Biomimicry Coaching

We provide coaching workshops to enable professionals and students to apply the biomimicry approach in their work. The goal is to equip them with all the tools of success to innovate naturally.

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Innovation Programs

We continuously seek to develop and release events and learning experiences that addresses nature-inspired innovations. This can include online courses, live/virtual workshops, and multi-day program series.


Innovation Facilitation

We work with multiple entities to organize, coordinate, manage, and release innovation programs/education with a social and sustainability objective with a potential real solution to existing challenges. 


Expand Our Network


Our biomimicry network of students, collaborators, experts, businesses, and entrepreneurs are expanding in the MENA region. If your project or business is centered around bio-inspired innovation and biomimicry, send us a message! 

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