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"There is no economic growth without the youth."

-Ahmed Alshugairi 


Our Motivation

Biomimicry gives us confidence and hope that we will find new and viable ways for sustainable development sooner rather than later. Our purpose responds to both environmental and social facets: to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and empower youth/professionals to become successful leaders in sustainability through biomimicry thinking.

Theory of change

We are motivated to see a future vision that engages us, and teaches each of us to embrace our shared responsibility towards other people and the natural world, and to create communities that are truly green, resource-abundant, and regenerative.

Metrics for success

The key to our success is finding opportunities that generate real, tangible value for the economy while aligning with our shared purpose. Biomimicry innovations have the potential to both support new career options for current and future generations while regenerating our natural world and economies


Youth potential in the Arab World

With so much potential in today’s youth and young professionals in the Arab World, we realize they're today’s changemakers and agents for positive change. We are committed to providing high-quality inspirational and educational content to allow for more people to benefit from the biomimicry thinking methodology.

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