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"Biomimicry is basically taking a design challenge and then finding an ecosystem that's already solved that challenge, and literally trying to emulate what you learn."

-Janine Benyus


Biomimicry is a new mindset and lens to which we see the world

Biomimicry Thinking provides a disciplined approach to exploring nature’s innovative strategies and adaptations where we can begin to understand them, then emulate them in human design to create sustainable and regenerative human innovations. Practicing biomimicry allows us to glean into the natural world with the intention of learning from her deep patterns, nature as a mentor.

Nature as a model

Nature is the role model that we look up to, in order to be inspired by her, and emulate her forms, patterns, strategies, and processes.

For example: We look up to nature in order to solve climate challenges. We emulate the shapes and processes of nature, and understand the strategies to apply it in our design and follow a specific process that makes the system works.

Nature as a measure 

Nature as a point of reference to evaluate whether we are meeting the success standards of nature that allows us humans to solve our challenges and prompt prosperity in our life, while living in harmony with the natural world.

For example: We go back to nature to evaluate our design. Is it good enough, or could we enhance it? What are the opportunities for improvements in comparison to how nature works?

Nature as a mentor 

Nature is viewed as the teacher, the guide, and the source of knowledge where we respectfully seek out her genius in our journey of evolving our society. The fact is that we need nature to show us how to prosper in the long run, and she does not need us to continue prospering.

For example: We ask, How does nature do [insert function]? We search, learn, and apply.

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