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"I think the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning."

-Steve Jobs


Biomimicry allows us to innovate sustainably more quickly

Nature's existence is proof she's been able to sustain life over eons. By learning from directly from the source, our human innovations will have the potential to reach a net-zero, sustainable, and regenerative economies faster—nature is the most qualified expert to help us achieve our future green goals. 

Biomimicry is gaining momentum as an innovation framework

The good news is that whenever we try to learn from nature to inspire our work, we don't need to re-invent the process every time or start a process from scratch. This is why biomimicry is a discipline in itself that will potentially give access to professionals and entrepreneurs to systemically learn from nature to emulate her genius. 

Biomimicry is more than just emulation... it's an ethos

The goal from the biomimicry approach is to ultimately create conditions that supports all life forms, including ours and the entire natural world we live in. Biomimicry ethos underpins all biomimetic innovations to create conditions conducive to life. 

(Re)connecting with nature

All of us are part of nature, but we somehow forgot that as we went through the journey of evolving as human society. The built environment and every aspect in our life ultimately relies on nature's existence and continues to be connected with the natural world. Biomimicry invites us to view ourselves as part of a larger interconnected ecosystems where we are part of that larger system as opposed to separate from it. 

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